Matt Garza Signing Delay – This Could Really Embarrass the Brewers

On Thursday the word on the street was that the Brewers and Matt Garza had agreed on a $52 million four-year deal. As of the early hours of Saturday morning, nothing has been announced. Supposedly the two sides are working to hammer out the fine details of the agreement. Just speculating, but it could involve “out clauses” for the team in case of injuries and significant stints on the DL, or scheduling of the payments over the four years, or some combination thereof, or “something completely different.” The Brewers absolutely need to get this done on Saturday. There are two factors which demand it. First, the Brewers On Deck event on Sunday. If this deal is not done, or if it falls apart, it will cast a pall over the entire event, and that is the second to last thing the Brewer nation wants or needs. Second, as long as there is no deal, well…. there is no deal, and that means some other team could swoop in with a number a few million dollars higher and pull Garza right out from under the Brewers’ noses. Given that the Brewer front office has not shown itself to be a model of excellence in the opinion of many fans, that would be the LAST thing the Brewer nation needs or wants.  

I personally was OK with the Brewers going into 2014 with Lohse and Yo and several promising young pitchers to fill out the last three spots in the rotation. It was a risky proposition but a reasonable one. However, the prospect of getting Garza, another solid #2 level proven arm, into the rotation, thereby increasing the odds of getting enough (2 instead of 3) of the youngsters ready to fill out the rotation, was a hugely attractive positive. Having that yanked away now, for whatever reason, would be an enormous disappointment.

Let’s hope this all gets worked out and that Matt Garza is introduced as a Milwaukee Brewer at the On Deck event on Sunday. Here’s hoping!



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